Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fourth (Maybe Sixth) Spring

At some point past, I began blogging re: The Many Springs. The  Anglicized seasons draw quarters of the year, but reality splits further. The first lengthening of days is not the latency is not the emergence is not the bloom. And certainly not the seed. 

But full-on bloom and filling leafage wait for no writer, and I don't think I did anything beyond the second installment. [I provide these links because some people would never scroll back through the 10 while posts it would take it find the originals, and because the colored font draws attention to the self promotion.] Gardening takes time, and who the hell wants to sit inside when they could be out soaking up the lengthening days?

Not me, and so Spring has flowered, and bees did their thing without my writing about it (well, maybe once, over there). And the birds did theirs. The eggs in the photo leading off today's post, laid by a junco on the ground, hatched and were eaten by racoons immediately, while the alien sparrows in the birdhouse by the front door fledged and took off. Such is nature. Sometimes.

Many Springs have happened, and now we stand at the verge of shortening days. It'll get drier and warmer (I hope) in southern Pugetlandia, but that counts as summer. Apples and berries are set. May they ripen.

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