Thursday, March 12, 2015

Coming up this weekend

Here's an idea: post about what I'm gonna do this weekend, and then check back next week to see if it actually happened.
  1. Volunteer at my kid's school garden
  2. Dig a hops bed south of the house.
  3. Transplant hops from wendell berry garden
  4. Consolidate the buttercup and bindweed-contaminated heap
  5. Extend the north bed so I can plant potatos on st paddy's day
  6. ...maybe that's enough.
  7. But I'll at least make an effort to clean up a few things
If I were energetic, I'd put up hops supports, but I don't even have the right poles. Or maybe dig up some front yard. Or prune the hydrangea or rhody, maybe lay waste to the camellia. Or any number of things. If I even finish the numbered list, a nap is in order before taking on more. Seems like I'm caught up enough.

After a couple weeks of sun, we got a little rain yesterday, and may get a bunch on Saturday, but the weather's supposed to be warm. Pretty days are nice, but it's freakish to look at at the un-snowy Olympics, or to think about how little it rained this winter.

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