Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The New Place

Circa March, 2014

I'd pretty much left this blog for dead.

But now, it comes back as a way to keep a garden journal of the newest tabula rasa, as seen in the above abode, wherein I now abide. Instead of .rtf or .doc, klunkily entering dates, I'll ill-advisedly put my trust in the web to preserve this journal. Because it will bother with the entering-of-the-dates.

So anyway, time for some catching up:
  • Bought the house last August, and since then the main things I've done are
  • Prune deadwood etc. from plum
  • Rasa-fy (I guess that would just be "erase") a tabula of raspberries hogging the middle of the yard.
  • Just got around to re-planting the best berry canes along the north fence.
  • In mid-Feb, chopped down rotten trunk of willow. Since then, I
  • Made a willow withe weir across most of the south boundary, but not before
  • Chopping Howard's fir branches shading the south central yard.
  • Also, some dead branches from my fir.
  • I dug out the bed from back porch to deck. 
  • I dug out the north strip bed
  • Somehow, I made a big pile of dirt on the south strip bed (future site)
  • Removed roses
  • I raked and corn-glutened the north bed
  • I rigged a hops block and
  • Planted Fuggles and Bullion and Willcadia hops to climb yon block
  • Planted poppies next to the hops after digging out tree-base ivy and holly, not to mention a bunch more cinder bricks 
  • What with all the erasing and digging, I created various piles of dirt laden with buttercup and bindweed. I'm trying to segregate and consolidate.
  • Established the south-back as compost and brushlandia. Doing a creeping worm heap of scraps-browns-grit, and it seems to be going well. Consolidating and burning the brush where I
  • Made a fire-pit. Needs slight expansion and a few more imu stones.
  • Exposed brick edging L, basis for the back beds. 
  • Inside the L will be th south strip, maybe with a cold frame
  • South of the L will be a grass strip
  • South of that, in an existing low spot, I just planted 7 blueberry bushes. 
  • The current heaps are these: worm-scraps, fine willow, willow-withes, willow stakes, fir foliage, future firewood, various rocks and woods, ...
Maybe (probably) there is more. But that's the main points. Another urgent task is to get hops in south of the house. There's good sun and circulation, but fairly tight space, and the neighbor is planning on a new roof soon.

Well, it's 11:11 now, so I think I'll head to bed. More later.

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